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Our team of consultants is looking forward to assisting you. Follow us on Facebook and give us a call. We would love to give you an affordable quote today. We are here to serve you. You can trust us to deliver on our promises. Our experts are waiting.


Our team of consultants is looking forward to assisting you. Follow us on Facebook and give us a call. We would love to give you an affordable quote today. We are here to serve you. You can trust us to deliver on our promises.





















































































































































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Custom Moissanite Designs

Whether it’s a custom ring or another piece of custom jewelry, it’ll be a stunning and truly one-of-a-kind way to show how much you care. From concept to completion, our team of designers and jewelers has extensive experience creating breathtaking custom made engagement rings and custom jewelry. Our jewelers will design and craft the ideal moissanite ring for you.

Your jewelry consultant will walk you through each step of designing a custom moissanite engagement ring, including design ideas, options, and budget. Countless couples have benefited from beautiful custom moissanite designs that fit their budget, style, and personality.

With our collection of custom moissanite designs, we are confident that you will find the ring of your dreams.

1. Make a Quote Request

Fill out as much information as possible on the custom quote form. Within 1-2 business days, our designers will provide a preliminary estimate and a response.

2. The idea

You can discuss the details of your design and ask any questions when you receive a call with your quote. You can place your order right now and move on to step 3 if you want to.

3. Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Wax Model

Based on the agreed-upon specifications, the designer will create a CAD (computer-aided design) with 3D images of the ring and send them to you via email for approval or modifications.

4. Approval and the Completed Piece

We begin the manufacturing process once we receive your approval. It takes about 2-4 weeks from the time you receive your quote to the time you receive your finished ring.


How much time does it take?

It takes 2-3 business days to design. We will begin manufacturing once you are satisfied with your design. Manufacturing takes at least 15 business days, but if we finish your order sooner than that, we’ll let you know. We’ll keep you informed about the status of your order. If you have a tight deadline, we recommend ordering at least a month ahead of time.

How much will a custom design set you back?

The cost of a custom-made ring varies greatly – At Moissanite By Design, we understand that working within a budget makes things a lot easier – we’ll work with you to come up with a variety of options that fit your budget and design needs. Are you looking for something that you can’t find on our website? To see how we can make your idea a reality, send us an email at or contact us with a photo or sketch of your design.


5 Reasons To Buy Your Own Home

Investing in property is something that many people dream of doing one day, regardless of what the market statistics show. Many people dream of making the big decision to build their own dream home, not only because of its high growth potential and financial gains. Some may argue that renting is often cheaper (or easier) than buying, but the reality is that renting often costs more than buying, especially when considering long-term financial gains and investments.

We’ve compiled a list of reasons why buying your own home is probably a good idea, whether it’s for you and your family or as a financial investment piece to generate additional income.

1. Creating Wealth

Purchasing real estate is one of the most effective ways to boost your personal wealth profile while also expanding your financial portfolio. Investing in an asset (that also serves as housing) that appreciates in value is a huge accomplishment for anyone. Furthermore, you can borrow the majority of the funds required to purchase a home and keep the profit on the entire purchase price if you decide to sell (the smart way).

First-time buyers earning between R3,501 and R22,000 per month, for example, have the added benefit of being eligible for the government’s Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP) subsidy. This can significantly reduce the cost of home ownership.

Additionally, you can supplement your income by renting out any extra space you may have. For example, you could rent out a spare bedroom, a garden cottage, or the entire premises (provided you have a place to stay elsewhere) to supplement your income.

2. Bond Reduction Helps to Increase Equity

Each month, a portion of your payment is applied to the principal balance of your loan, lowering your debt. The principal portion of your principal and interest payment increases slightly every month due to amortization. It’s the cheapest on your first payment and the most expensive on your last. On average, each R100,000 bond will lose about R10,000 in principal in the first year, bringing the total balance to R99,500 at the end of the year.

3. Bond Repayments vs. Renting

Having control over your accommodation costs and not being subjected to annual rental increases is a huge benefit of owning a home (or uncertainty if your lease will be renewed). It also means you won’t be forced to relocate at an inconvenient time or when you can’t afford to do so. If you rent, there’s always the possibility that your landlord will decide to sell the home you’re renting or that he’ll want to move in himself at the end of your lease agreement.

Rental increases typically range from 4% to 10% per year, so if you are renting, your accommodation costs will rise in lockstep. Monthly bond repayments, on the other hand, are set for the duration of the loan, which can be as long as 30 years. Even if interest rates rise during that time, monthly payments are unlikely to rise by more than 10% – or even 4% – per month.

4. Collateral & Equity Loans (i.e. Mortgage)

The difference between the market value of a property and the amount owed to the financial institution that holds the mortgage is referred to as equity. Once you’ve built up enough equity in your home, you can use it as collateral to borrow money to start a business, buy more real estate, or pay for your children’s – or your own – higher education.

If your mortgage loan includes an access bond facility, you can use it to finance high-cost items like a new vehicle. Because vehicle finance plans typically have much higher interest rates than bonds, a mortgage access bond is frequently the preferred method of borrowing cash to finance vehicles. However, you should carefully consider your financial obligations and interest rates.

5. Ownership Pride

People want to own their homes for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is pride of ownership. It means you can paint your walls any color you want, listen to loud music, install permanent fixtures, and decorate your home to your liking. Homeownership provides stability and security to you and your family. It’s like putting money into your future.


Take a KTM Adventure South Africa

South Africa is the best place to go for exciting trips and sports in a natural setting. A motorcycle vacation in this part of the world can be tailored to your preferences. If you plan on taking a “asphalt journey” from Johannesburg to the parks or from Cape Town to the coast, you’ll need the help of a local guide. 

The roads are generally in good condition… but don’t be fooled by the lack of traffic that allows the throttle to open: the local community crosses the road without looking, and small buses pause frequently with crazy drivers to let passengers on and off. After sundown, visibility drops dramatically, especially in rural areas, resulting in pitch-black nights and the risk of encountering animals along the way. So don’t go too fast, and don’t get too distracted by the natural wonders that reveal themselves behind every curve.

If you’re looking for a ‘raid’ type of ride, keep in mind that sandy areas with a depth of 15/20 cm are very popular on off-roads. If you aren’t an expert, you should proceed with caution. Travel with your weight on the back of the saddle and do not slow down to avoid the front axle digging into the sand (with consequent fall). 

If you keep your speed to 50 km/h, you won’t have any problems in most situations. If you want to go off-road, it’s best to hire a local motorcycle guide who is familiar with the area and can fix any problems that arise.

In South Africa, you drive on the left side of the road.

Awesome Locations

You’d want to get the most out of a well-planned vacation. A common mistake made by first-time travelers is to plot a course and then label path points on anything that appears remotely interesting along the way. What happens is that you quickly discover that you’re visiting places that aren’t as appealing as you had hoped. 

A church here, a cave there, or a historical site there can all become monotonous and uninspiring after a while. Your tour guide directs you to the most popular areas on the tour and to others who have specific preferences for the route you take. In turn, but always from a specific perspective or angle, you end up exploring key tourist destinations and views, providing you with something new and rejuvenating to take home as memories and photographs, rather than the backs of thousands of visitors’ heads.

The Hands-On Experience

A good motorcycle touring agency will make certain that your expectations are met. It’s not always easy to tell who will give you their full attention, lead you down an exciting and rewarding path, and take you to some of the best locations along the way, so doing your homework pays off. On the internet, look up and read their feedback. Examine their photos: are they full of elderly couples or speed demons dressed in full race leathers, or are they all drenched from head to toe in mud?

Finding the best tour operator for you can be difficult. KTM adventure South Africa caters to both aspects of life. They have a unique method of ensuring that all passengers, regardless of category, enjoy their tours as much as the next guy. They are, to put it mildly, attentive, considerate, and enjoyable. If you’re looking for some excitement and adventure, they’ll be an excellent choice. 

However, you may be disappointed if a group of riders wants to stop at every cafe, natter until the cows come home, and sing songs around an open fire. KTM Adventure South Africa is a fun and energizing organization that aims to put the fun back into touring. They aren’t exactly a “two-wheel coach tour.”

What should you wear on a motorcycle tour?

When most people hear about motorcycle tours, they envision a badass guy riding a Harley Davidson in trashy denim and leather belts while wearing aviator sunglasses. There is, however, a separate truth. If you spent half an hour on a road trip in these clothes, you’d swear you’d never gotten on a ride in the first place.

When it comes to motorcycle gear, the first thing you should think about is your health. Aspects such as comfort and accessibility must also be taken into account. Helmets are also required for obvious reasons. According to the statistics, helmets are 34% effective in preventing motorcycle accidents and 67% effective in preventing head injuries.

When it comes to safe motorcycle trips, the second most important item is a good pair of gloves. In the event of a collision, our first reaction is to use our fingertips to catch the drops. That’s when having a good pair of gloves comes in handy.

According to science, our bodies were not designed to travel faster than 40 kilometers per hour. Without protective clothing, going any further will harm our skin cells, bones, and internal organs. Protective clothing, such as jackets, pants, suits, and boots, is therefore the third most important item to bring on your motorcycle trip. They are commonly referred to as “body armor” because of the padding that extends as far as possible around your body. For every item of your motorcycle clothing, you would be able to get it waterproof in case of rain or bad weather.


Digital Marketing Agency

Employees at Clifton Digital Marketing Agency discuss how digital marketing can aid in business growth and the impact it has on consumers. As a group of experts dedicated to providing the best possible experience to our clients, we are honored to be a part of one of Cape Town’s finest technology teams. I am both a pioneer and a supporter because of my innovative principles.

We prioritize our customers by doing what we enjoy. Access to the internet is a necessity, not a luxury. You’d be at a disadvantage if you couldn’t sell digitally. The Clifton Digital Marketing Agency is committed to completing projects on time and on budget. We are a group of perfectionists who work diligently and efficiently while putting forth our best effort.


You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a reputable website design firm. The experts at Digital Marketing Agency Clifton will assist you in preparing your business for a positive customer experience. As one of Cape Town’s leading web design firms, we are delighted to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience.

Website upkeep can take a long time. Allow Clifton Digital Marketing Agency to take care of your issues and provide you with low-cost services. We can protect your WordPress account from software changes and plugins if you choose monthly subscription bundles. If you need a web design company in Cape Town, please contact us right away.

Digital Marketing Company’s primary goal as a digital marketing firm in Cape Town is to assist in driving high traffic to your company’s website while also saving you time and money.

Allow us to serve as your SEO company

For sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, we create social media campaigns. You will be part of a team that is responsible for the client’s well-being. We want to give you the most up-to-date information possible.

Social networking is the most popular and widely used method of contacting a company or brand. There are 3.2 billion users on social networking sites who spend an average of two hours per day on them. Social media platforms are both cost-effective and profitable when it comes to advertising. This is why you need our assistance. People in various parts of Cape Town have become familiar with graphic design.

Graphics Designing

This website is ideal if you’re looking for a low-cost artist. Let us spruce up your company’s image! Examine our services; you’ll never need to hire another web design company again! If you believe your company can succeed without a good graphic design, think again. You must show how your product or service will benefit your intended audience and customers.

In signs, magazines, and books, graphic design is the combination of text and photographs. The goal is to highlight the importance of graphic design in the pharmaceutical industry.

Graphic design increases a company’s market share and broadens its scope by increasing its exposure within a specific industry.

Maintain a Visual Appeal

The human brain communicates 90% of its knowledge visually, so the company wants a good proposal that reflects the wide range of emotions expressed by the company. We plan virtual solutions based on the assumption that 65% of the community is visual learners, and funds are allocated accordingly. People enjoy listening to records and are quick to learn new skills. This is an important point to consider, as well as a drawback of disseminating lengthy posts.

Because of the amount of text, it can be difficult to fully comprehend the material in some cases. In a 3 M test sample, graphics are submitted 60 times faster than documents. Effective graphics can be displayed in less than a second.

By utilizing well-developed e-commerce tools on the required networks, you can participate in various aspects of the industry. We’re experts when it comes to visual communication best practices and how to apply them to a brand.


Moving Tips for Seniors

Moving is a huge undertaking for everyone. However, if you are a senior citizen, it may appear to be a daunting task. Sorting through all of your belongings and lifting heavy pieces of furniture takes a lot of effort. It can be especially difficult if you are leaving a home where you have grown up.

Fortunately for you, we are here to assist you. You should not be stressed out by the moving process. Yes, you must complete a number of tasks. However, we will provide you with a few pointers that will assist you throughout the process.

Aside from hiring a professional moving company Cape Town, here are some additional guidelines to consider:

Consider Your Storage Options

Storage may be an excellent choice for you if you are downsizing. This is especially true if the option to downsize isn’t really what you’re looking for. A professional storage company can offer you options for short-term, long-term, and in-transit storage. As a result, no matter how many belongings you have, a reputable storage company can accommodate you.

Obtain All of the Necessary Tools and Materials

Are you going to pack everything by yourself? If you answered yes, you must have all of the necessary materials and tools. This can include scissors, tape, boxes, cardboard, and a variety of other items. Of course, you don’t want to get into the habit of packing only to discover that you’ve forgotten something essential.

If, on the other hand, you decide to hire a moving company, they may offer to pack your belongings for you. They have all of the necessary supplies to pack your items based on your needs and desires.

Reduce your size

Before you begin packing, you should try to downsize your items. If you are moving into a smaller house or apartment, this step may take a little longer. You must ensure that you have plenty of time to downsize.

Make a Timeline for Your Move

You will have a better idea of your timeline once you have hired the best moving company for your needs. You should check your planner or calendar. Then, starting with the moving day, work your way back. There are numerous guides and tips available on the internet for creating a moving checklist.

Find the Best Moving Company

In the United States, there are numerous moving companies. Regrettably, only a few of them are trustworthy and worth your money. There are even fewer that will be a perfect match for your requirements.

Before you hire a moving company, make sure you do your homework. Make sure to read their reviews and testimonials on their website. Aside from that, you can hire a moving company that specializes in senior relocation.

Begin planning as soon as possible

Professionals recommend that you start planning your move at least 6 months ahead of time. With this, you’ll be completely prepared by the time moving day arrives.

Aside from that, if you plan ahead of time, you can schedule a reputable removal company on your preferred date.


Tips to study Effectively

When it comes to learning, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. Different approaches to learning should be tailored to each student. Everyone possesses a unique set of skills. As a result, it’s critical to figure out what works and what doesn’t for you.

Staying motivated and studying comes naturally to a couple of students. Some students, on the other hand, may have to work a little harder.

The search for the best way to study is an ongoing one. It is not something you can do in a single night before the exam. To discover your preferences, you must constantly improve your study skills.

Today, we’ll give you some pointers on how to study effectively with your Unisa study notes.

Consult with Teachers

The job of your teacher is to help you do your best. You should communicate with them and request additional assistance or clarification if necessary before the exam.

Every night, go over your notes

When you finish school, you should go over and expand on the notes you took in class. Reviewing your notes aids in the transfer of information from short-term to long-term memory. This will come in handy the next time you have an exam.

Make a study plan or a schedule

When creating a study plan, you should look at your planner and consider what you need to accomplish. Consider the types of questions and topics that will be covered on the exam. This will assist you in determining where to concentrate your efforts. Set specific goals for each study session. For example, you should decide how many topics you will cover tonight.

Pose Questions If You’re Perplexed

Raise your hand if you don’t understand something and ask questions. You should also make a note to yourself to talk to your teacher after class if you are nervous about asking in front of your classmates.

Check that the notes are complete

Taking complete and clear notes in class will assist you in processing the material you are learning. Apart from that, you can use these notes as study notes, which you can go over before the exam. If you miss a class, check with your teacher or friends to ensure you have complete notes.

Remove Distractions

Distractions can be found anywhere, from friends to social media to smartphones. You should be aware of and eliminate any distractions in class. You should avoid sitting next to friends if you know they will distract you. Turning off your smartphone will also ensure that you are paying attention to your teacher.

Take Notes in Class

When the teacher is speaking, you must concentrate and avoid distractions. You should concentrate on what your teacher is saying. Active listening can be practiced by taking notes in your own words. This will help you ensure that you understand what is being taught in class.

Organize Yourself

You should keep a homework calendar. This will help you remember them when you are given an assignment, test, project, or homework.


Amazing Remote Safaris in Africa

Do you want to go on a safari in Africa? If so, you should consider going to the more remote ones, where there will be fewer people. These remote safaris are ideal for a romantic getaway. It will allow you to have the full African safari experience.

They may not be well-known safari destinations. They are, however, more memorable than other well-known African national parks. Every remote safari is a one-of-a-kind experience. It is home to incredible wild animals and pristine African wilderness.

Today, we’ll share with you some of the best remote safaris in Africa if you’re looking for a safari with fewer people.

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya

For those who are unaware, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is Kenya’s leader in community-based wildlife conservation. It is a private and remote safari destination where Grevy’s zebra and endangered rhino can be found.

This wildlife conservatory is located in the northwestern part of Kenya. It’s about a five-hour drive north of Nairobi. From Nairobi, you can either drive or fly to Lewa.

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, also known as Lewa Downs, encompasses 250 square kilometers of breathtaking wilderness.

Samburu National Reserve in Kenya

Samburu National Reserve is a secluded and idyllic African game reserve. It is located in Kenya’s sparsely populated northern region. Samburu National Reserve is home to many rare African animals and one-of-a-kind Samburu people. It is a semi-arid wilderness. It is also regarded as one of the best safari destinations in Kenya. Another thing to look out for is the national reserve’s dramatic scenery.

Mahale Mountains National Park in Tanzania

Mahale Park is the best place to go in Africa if you want to track chimps. It is a remote and inaccessible national park with dense mountains and forests. It also has the highest concentration of primates in Tanzania.

Ruaha National Park in Tanzania

Ruaha is less visited and even wilder than other Tanzanian Game Reserves. It’s a very remote and vast location. It is also one of Tanzania’s best-kept wildlife secrets.

Ruaha is the country’s largest national park. It encompasses a large area of undeveloped wilderness. It covers an area of 20,226 square kilometers. Aside from that, Ruaha National Park only has two safari lodges. As a result, it is a more secluded and exclusive national park than others.

Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania

The Selous Game Reserve is a vast and remote area. It is Africa’s largest game reserve. It is also one of the world’s largest protected areas. It is a wild game park the size of Switzerland. Furthermore, it is isolated. As a result, if you want to avoid crowds, you should think about it.

Selous Game Reserve is four times the size of Tanzania’s popular Serengeti Park and three times the size of South Africa’s Kruger Park. Despite its size, it only attracts a small number of tourists and visitors. There are also a few camps and lodges on the property. As a result, if you want to go on a remote safari, this is the place to go.


Tips for choosing the right online course

Online courses are convenient, inexpensive, and adaptable. They are available in a wide variety of styles. During the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the number of online courses and online learning sites.

It is critical that you find the best online course. Starting a course that is not a good fit for you can quickly undermine your confidence and put you off learning. However, how do you choose the best one when there are so many available online?

A couple of factors must be considered if you want to get the most out of your online course. Here are some pointers to help you choose the best online courses for you:

Select Your Criteria Correctly

The first step is to decide what you want to learn from a course. Are you just looking for a way to pass the time? Do you want to take a course that has been promoted by a famous person? Do you want to improve your job-related skills? Maybe you know what you want to study, maybe you don’t.

Before you begin looking for a course, you should figure out what you need or want from it. Here are some questions you should consider answering:

  • What topics pique your interest the most?
  • Do you want to hone a specific skill? What skill do you wish to hone?
  • How much time can you devote to learning each day?
  • Are you learning for pleasure or for a job?

Check to see if the online course is adaptable

Adaptability is one of the most compelling reasons why people choose to take an online course.

You must consider your current personal responsibilities and commitments, as well as how an online course will benefit you rather than imposing an unavoidable burden on your shoulders.

It is definitely worth investigating whether the online course provider offers a flexible learning environment.

Examine the accessibility of mandatory requirements, the length of the course, and the availability of each module elective. Aside from that, you should look at the frequency and timing of the discussion sessions, as well as the total number of hours of study required.

Investigate Your Options

Once you’ve determined what you require, you should look into your options. You must choose courses that meet as many of your criteria as possible.

Following that, you must thoroughly review the content. It is beneficial to understand the type of learning outcomes and content to be expected once you enroll in that course. It is critical that you thoroughly evaluate the modules it provides. Are they guiding you in the right direction to help you achieve your goal?

Reduce Your Alternatives

Once you’re familiar with the content of the courses, you must assess them against the criteria you’ve established. So, which course will best meet your requirements?

If you discover that you have several courses that meet your criteria, you must decide whether you have the time to join and keep up with all of them. If you don’t think you’ll be able to keep up with the course, you can always bookmark them for later.

However, if everything meets all of your requirements, it is time to begin learning online.


How to spice up your sex life

Regardless of how happy both of you are, there will come a time when your sex life will come crashing down. It could be stress-related or hormonal. It’s also possible that you’ve been with the same person for so long that no amount of date nights or pillow talk will entice you to get intimate.

When things get a little boring in bed, there is a chance for you to spice things up. Here are some ideas for spicing up your sex life, from setting the right mood to using sex toys from an online sex shop.

Create the Appropriate Atmosphere

If you want to have great sex, you must create a relaxed and appropriate environment. It will be easier for you and your partner to enjoy yourselves if you both feel at ease in bed.

According to research, couples who stay in contact and spend time creating the right atmosphere or setting the scene are more sexually satisfied.

Dimming the lights is one of the best things you can do. You won’t be able to enjoy the visuals or look into your partner’s eyes if you have sex in complete darkness. Having sex in a well-lit room, on the other hand, can make a couple of people feel self-conscious.

Dim the lights or light some candles. This will assist you in finding a happy medium. Consider lighting scented candles to add to the ambiance.

Have Some Fun Together

Keeping passion alive in bed does not always have to do with sexual intercourse. You could, for example, go on a hike together, try a new restaurant, or take a tennis lesson. You will pay attention to each other if you engage in a non-sexual activity with your partner. This aids in the development of desire. It’s a type of foreplay that can help you get in the mood for pleasure.

Make a show of yourself in front of your partner

If you masturbate in front of your partner, they will be able to see you having fun. This has the potential to foster intimacy. Allowing your partner to see where and how you prefer to be touched demonstrates a level of vulnerability that fosters closeness. Aside from that, there are numerous health benefits to masturbation. This includes releasing accumulated stress and improving your mood. It’s a great warm-up for more sex.

If you and your partner are daring, allow your partner to wear a remote-control sex toy on your date. Then, keep the remote control in your hand. You can use it as a form of long foreplay to boost your libidos before you get home.

Take Note of Your Dreams

This workout can assist you in exploring potential activities that you believe may be appealing to you and your partner. Consider remembering a movie or an experience that piqued your interest and then discussing it with your partner. This is especially useful for people who have little to no desire.

You can easily spice up your sex life if you follow these tips.